5 Tips to Save Money On Your Divorce

5 Tips to Save Money On Your Divorce

Here are a few quick tips that can save you money on your divorce if you contracted for an hourly rate.

1. Wait until you have several questions before you call your attorney. Because hourly rates are billed in increments it will save you money to ask several questions at once. You should write down your questions before you call your lawyer and be clear about what information you want to know. This makes the telephone call more efficient and saves you money.

2. Use E-mail for correspondence instead of calling. Many lawyers do not bill when reading and responding to a simple E-mail questions. I personally check my e-mail at certain points during the day and just focus on clearing my mailbox. Since that is what I am focusing on at the time I do not bill for clearing out my box. Doing so would take me more time than I have freed up for that project. If you call your lawyer to ask the same question it requires more time to handle and interrupts what he was working on at the time.

3. Come to meetings and mediation prepared. If you are prepared and organized for a meeting it will take less time. It will also allow you to get more accomplished at the meeting. Try taking a few minutes to write an agenda of what you want to discuss at the meeting.

4. Don’t fight over the blender. Remember that most items can be replaced. It does not make since to spend $1000 to fight over the $25 blender that Grandma Jones gave you for a wedding present.

5. Be willing to compromise. Agreed divorces cost less money, period. Generally, the more that you are willing to compromise on, the faster your divorce will proceed. There is life after divorce and the best revenge you can have is to live well.