When Can I Get Remarried After My Divorce?

When Can I Get Remarried After My Divorce?

After an absolute divorce is final the parties are free to remarry under Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-4-124. A divorce is final after the court issues the final decree granting the divorce and the period for appeal has passed. The appeal period for a divorce in Tennessee is usually about 30 days. After the period has passed the parties are free to remarry. It is best to contact the court after the period has passed just to make sure a last minute appeal was not filed.

Tennessee used to have a law that a divorced party could not marry a person they were having an affair with that caused a divorce based on adultery. This is no longer the case.

Tennessee will not recognize another states restriction on remarriage if an absolute divorce has been granted. Because a restriction on divorce is seen as penal, Tennessee is not bound by the full faith and credit requirement.

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