Paternity Fraud Bill Has Proposed Amendments

Paternity Fraud Bill Has Proposed Amendments

The controversial paternity fraud bill in the Tennessee Legislature might be undergoing a change next week. House bill HB1523 sponsor representative Campfield proposed an amendment to his bill in the Domestic Relations subcommittee on March 20th.

The proposed law would allow men to stop paying child support if they can prove that they are not the biological father. To learn more about the original bill, read my article Not The Biological Father? No Child Support (Proposed Law).

The amendment that is proposed would keep in place the 5 year statute of limitations for fathers that were never married to the mother. It would expand the time on the statute of limitations if the couple had been married. Under the amendment the bill would not apply in three situations:

  1. In cases of legal adoption
  2. Where a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity had been made
  3. If the man had actual knowledge that he was not the biological father at the time a child support order was entered.

The committee will meet again next week in order to consider the amendment.