Who May Marry in Tennessee

Who May Marry in Tennessee

Tennessee has a few limitations on who may marry. First, a couple must have a valid marriage license and enter into a ceremony. The ceremony must be performed by an officiant that is authorized by statute. Generally, this includes regular preachers, ministers, pastors, priests, and rabbis who are ordained. The ordination requirement is fairly new and was created to prevent mail order ministers from performing ceremonies.

Couples cannot be too closely related by blood. This includes:
• Lineal ancestors (parent, grandparent) or descendants (child, grandchild)
• Ancestor or descendant of parent (siblings, niece/nephew, etc.)
• Descendant of former spouse (stepchild or child of ex-spouse)
• A child of a grandparent (aunt or uncle)
• Former spouse of a parent or descendant (son-in-law, step-sister, stepparent, etc.)

Bigamy is forbidden. The first marriage must be dissolved before a second marriage can be contracted.

Marriage must be between a man and a woman. No same sex marriages

Parties must be at least 18 years of age unless they have court authorization or parental consent.

Both parties must be competent to get married.