What if I Change My Mind About Divorce?

What if I Change My Mind About Divorce?

If you change your mind about divorce once you have filed a complaint there are certain steps that you should take. First you should contact your divorce attorney. It is important to contact your divorce lawyer so that they will stop working on the case. Most divorce lawyers charge by the hour, so the sooner you contact them, the more money you will save. Sometimes clients think that their divorce lawyer will get mad at them if they change their minds, this is not true. I am always happy when a client decides to try and save their marriage.

If you decide to reconcile with your spouse, don’t just move back in together. This could destroy your grounds for divorce if things do not work out. You are allowed to file for an order of reconciliation with the court. This order allows you to try and save the marriage, while preserving your grounds for divorce should the reconciliation fail. Contact your divorce lawyer and they will advise you on reconciliation orders. This will also save you money should you later decide to divorce.

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