Not the Biological Father? No Child Support (Proposed Law)

Not the Biological Father? No Child Support (Proposed Law)

A set of new bills in the Tennessee Legislature would allow men to stop paying child support if a paternity test shows they are not the father. Tennessee House Bill HB1523 and SB1949,  would amend T.C.A. section 36-5-101. If the bills become law, men who could prove they are not the biological father would be exempt from paying child support.

This issue has come to be known as Paternity Fraud. In many states even if a man can prove that he is not the biological father, he still must pay child support. The issue is exploding in the news and on the web. The Oklahoma Family Law Blog has several articles on the issue: When Paternity Presumption Works a Fraud and Dad Wasn’t Dad After All, But Still Owes Child Support.

In some states men are allowed to use genetic paternity tests to prove they are not the father and thus escape child support obligations. However, certain groups are bound to oppose this change.

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2 thoughts on “Not the Biological Father? No Child Support (Proposed Law)

  1. Wow, I had always assumed this was already the law. Women are seriously not worth the trouble. Think of the loss of productivity, freedom, and wealth that men suffer in their dealings with women. I’m very very glad to have escaped the marriage trap.

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