How Much Life Insurance Do You Need After Divorce?

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need After Divorce?

Thanks to Stephen M. Worrall at his Georgia Family Law Blog for his post on this subject.

The issue of life insurance in divorce agreements often comes up. The following information by Ann O Flanagan is helpful in determining how much insurance a spouse shoudl have after a divorce:

Experts believe that a surviving spouse with children needs at least $100,000.00 worth of insurance for every $500.00 of pre-tax income. If you require $3,000.00 a month ($36,000.00 per year) to cover your expenses, your spouse should have $600,000.00 of life insurance. ($3,000.00/500.00 = 6; 6 x 100,000.00 = $600,000.00) of insurance to meet your bills. The surviving souse would invest the $600,000.00 at a conservative interest rate of 6 % which would generate $36,000.00 a year in interest before taxes. Because the surviving spouse and children would be living off the interest, rather than the principal. the income would last forever.

Many people feel that $50.000.00 worth of insurance, that’s commonly part of, an employee benefit’s package. is enough. It is not.

Therefore, at the time of divorce, it is imperative that additional insurance be obtained so that, in the event that your spouse dies, and alimony and child support ceases, the surviving spouse and children have sufficient funds to live on.

SOURCE: Ann O’Flanagan and DivorceSource