Tennessee Protection Orders (Orders of Protection)

Tennessee Protection Orders (Orders of Protection)

Tennessee has two types of Protection Orders that may be sought by qualified individuals that are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

Temporary Protection Orders (TPO), are ex parte (which means a judge may issue the order with only one party present). A TPO is effective for 15 days or until a full hearing is held. These orders can be granted without the abusers knowledge. If a TPO is granted, the police will notify the abuser of the order and hearing date. The order is effective against the other party once they have notice. The judge must believe that either you or your child is in immediate danger.

Extended Protection Orders (EPO). require a full hearing with an opportunity for the other party to respond. These orders last up to 1 year and may be extended if a request is made before the original expiration.

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